The masterpiece of two brilliant (and sexy might i add) minds late on a wed. night…;)

*It makes me happy to see you smile,
haven’t felt this for a while.
I feel the rain drops on my fingertips,
reminds me of your scent and the taste of your sweet lips!

~Just one glance makes me weak,
I get lost in your kiss.
Your touch makes me anything but meek,
can’t deny it’s sheer bliss!

*I’d sing to you by the fire,
snuggle you like warm attire,
hold you close oh so tight,
sweet tender kisses through the night!

~Your snuggles would always be my preferred choice of attire,
especially on naked thursdays.
Of your passionate kisses and sweet glances I would never tire,
even on endless days.

*And now I’m frantic,
cause she’s in romantic.
Always the mind games never sincere,
so Imma keep it cool and switch back to the “player.”

~Games are always what you make of them.
The game’s over when you find a gem.
By acknowledging the game you lose automatically.
The best secret is to play discretely.

*She surely toys with my heart.
Yo-yo’s it side to side.
Now can I really trust her?
How much of this is plagarized?
She reads it on a bumper sticker,
paraphrases it to lure love,
my heart’s already been broken,
now she too will have to answer HIM above!

~Of insincerity and heartbreak you accuse me.
That’s unjust and painful I’ll admit.
It burns within and stings like a bee.
Carelessly this tapestry of bitter love is knit!

~If it’s trust you want,
look beyond the words,
remember not to flaunt,
and find beauty in even nerds!

*It’s just how I am it’s all consequently,
They all left like a hooptie,
but I’d treat you like a Bentley!

~Bentley indeed!
Would you take me out often for others to admire,
or keep me caged up and later sell me to the highest buyer?
Perhaps you would no longer sing to me by the fire,
but only drive me with your every fleeting desire!

*I’m not looking for beauty,
I’ve dated my share of models.
Just honesty, trust, and purity of heart,
Not figurines of coke bottles!

~Beauty takes many forms.
Beauty I speak of surpasses all the norms.
It’s the beauty within you’re looking for.
It must grow within YOU first so don’t make it a chore!


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