why we fell apart…

I can’t figure out why we fell apart,
I can’t really tell for me if there’s room in your heart,
It seems like through sands for needles we sift,
I can’t really tell why out of you’re life you’ve just let me drift.

I can’t really tell what wrong actions I’ve done,
Your past being cold, cuz now you’ve grown numb
I can’t really tell what’s made you upset,
You may have let go of me…but you I won’t forget.

If you’re already past me…I bid you good bye,
I will miss our good times and that’s surely no lie,
We may grow apart…on different end of the earth dwell,
If our paths ever crossed, I’d smile within saying “I once new her well”
And now I’m perplexed on the edge of life’s cliff,
If I were to fall off…I want you to know I cherished our friendship.


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