Some stand by thru thick and thins
Others fade away like passing trends
Lonely on lives curves and bends…
So who’s really true, while most pretend!

When the time comes…who’ll lend the crying shoulders?
Who will help you lift life’s heavy boulders?
Those with money make lonesome hearts smolder!
Let the money be gone…then see who’s colder!

So imma patron for solitude…
The fuck I need you? Yea that’s my attitude…
My independence makes you think I’m rude…
Now you love me cuz you think its cute….

So don’t spark me…you might hit the fuse…
Don’t hate me cuz truly ur confused…
So be a friend and prevent this corrode
Or break my trust for eternal remorse…
So now with the rest you will surely blend…
You just lost the best thing…Me…a true friend!!


False Promises!!!

“Diamonds, jewels, the Bling I don’t need”
Alone I’m left, as my heart continues to bleed.

“I’d match your every stride hand in hand”
Alone I’m left, sturdy ground has turned to quick sand.

“We’d grow old together, good or bad for the remainder years”
Alone I’m left, payback is gonna be hard for these endless tears.

“I’d love you till the very last breath”
Alone I’m left, you’ve cheated me and so had death.

“I’d live with you penniless under a bridge”
Alone I’m left, with scars of slit wrists.

“I knew you were the one, even before our first date”
Alone I’m left, there’s no room for love in a heart filled with hate.

“I’ll always make you smile, fill your eyes with love’s glitter”
Alone I’m left, now love’s wonders why I am a quitter.

“Baby! I could never lie to you, how could I break your trust?”
Alone I’m left, trusted you when the world knew you were promiscuous.

“I’ll be by your side, even if the world turn upside down”
Alone I’m left, but remember what goes around comes around.