My hearts already been toyed with, yo-yoed side to side…

Not fazed by your physical beauty, I’ve dated my share of models,
Just searching for honesty, trust and someone to love purely, not figurines of coke bottles.

My hearts already been toyed with, yo-yoed side to side,
Say “I love you? only if u mean it, or else it’s plagiarized.
Don’t read if off a bumper sticker and paraphrase it to lure my love,
I won’t contain my wrath this time, later repent forgiveness from HIM above.

I’d love you till time stands-still, I’d love like you’re a fiend,
If you can’t reciprocate my love, then don’t make my love routine.
It’s not you that I hate; these past memories are token,
I wish I could give you a whole heart, but I’ll take the risk with pieces that are broken.

It makes me happy to see you smile,
I haven’t felt this rush now for a while,
I feel the rain drop on my finger tips,
Reminds me of your scent and the taste of your sweet lips.
We’d stay up late for nights have talks,
I’d gently hold you hand through walks,
I’d sing to you by the fire, snuggle you like warm attire,
Hold you close, oh so tight…sweet tender kisses through the night.
With me you’d laugh a lifetime, I’d be your favorite cartoon,
I’d even let you pick the exotic spots together for us to honeymoon.
I’d grace your everyday with flowers,
Together we’d plan baby showers,
When faced with grave danger with you I’d switch places,
For you what’s the world, I’d even smile to death’s faces.
It just how I am, it’s all consequently,
I’m in this for the long haul, and not out the door swiftly,
They loved u momentarily and left you thinking she’s a hooptie,
They’re fools, cuz I’d love u for a lifetime and treat you like a Bentley.

If I’d ever find you, my pearl in the deep ocean blue,
I’d treat you each day like my new found treasure, cuz all I’d see is you.
Each day as time here ebbs, love tries squeezing in my life persistently,
I look love in the eye and say…this girl is a dream…I say it to love gently.



Some stand by thru thick and thins
Others fade away like passing trends
Lonely on lives curves and bends…
So who’s really true, while most pretend!

When the time comes…who’ll lend the crying shoulders?
Who will help you lift life’s heavy boulders?
Those with money make lonesome hearts smolder!
Let the money be gone…then see who’s colder!

So imma patron for solitude…
The fuck I need you? Yea that’s my attitude…
My independence makes you think I’m rude…
Now you love me cuz you think its cute….

So don’t spark me…you might hit the fuse…
Don’t hate me cuz truly ur confused…
So be a friend and prevent this corrode
Or break my trust for eternal remorse…
So now with the rest you will surely blend…
You just lost the best thing…Me…a true friend!!